Release notes - updates to Checkmybooks on 29th April 2015

This was a big release which included changes to the presentation of the Review tab, the addition of 13 new checks and lots of general performance and reliability improvements. 

Main details

  • New UI for Review Points which now includes the value in each section header bar and shows a tick (checkmark) when all items in a collapsed section have been dealt with.
  • Improvements to the UI for Clients and Jobs, added notes added guidance notes to top of all tabs
  • New check for potential fixed asset items in profit and loss accounts
  • New check for asset accounts with a credit balance
  • New check for liability accounts with a debit balance
  • New check for inconsistent VAT codes
  • New check for unusually large transactions
  • New check for inconsistent debit transactions
  • New check for inconsistent credit transactions
  • New check for control account being different to aged balances
  • New checks (2) for potentially tax disallowable items
  • New checks (2) for VAT potentially reclaimed in error
  • New check for VAT potentially not charged in error
  • Improvements to speed of updating Job stats
  • Manager now cc'd on system emails to Clients
  • Improvements to performance of Opening Balances tab
  • Help site launched
  • Links to detailed specs for Review Points added
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements