Processing a Job

You've imported your clients' data so it's time to get to work on it. Deal with each of the outstanding review points in turn. You can query them, accept them as they are, edit the original transaction or make a manual adjustment.

Once you're happy with the figures, export the Trial Balance to import into accounts production. Finalise the accounts and send the client a report of your work and that's it - year end completed.

Guidance on the key steps

About the Job page

When you click through into the Job you want to work on, Checkmybooks gives you a constantly updated overview of the current status of the Job and the work you have done on it so far.

The tabbed sections all you to quickly and easily move around within a Job. You'll normally want to start by confirming the Opening Balances.

By default, the main Job page will always start with the Review tab open, as this is where you'll want to be most of the time.