Practice Details

It is important that you personalise Checkmybooks so that you get the most out of it for your own practice. Your first step should be to upload your firm's logo and check your contact details.

Adding your firm's logo

Checkmybooks will send emails to your clients on your behalf - for instance asking them to upload their data at year-end time. The emails are personalised and should look like they were sent by you, so it is important that they display your firm's logo. The logo is also displayed in our extractor app, used by clients when uploading their data, and on the reports we automatically produce.

Go to Settings > Practice Details and click the Choose file button. You can then browse to the location of your saved logo image and upload it. Ideally, your logo image should be 600 pixels wide by 150 pixels high and we recommend tweaking it in an image editor to exactly fit at least one of those dimensions.


Please note that your image may not appear immediately after you click the green Save button and you may need to refresh the page.

Amending your contact details

Since your firm's contact details are used extensively by Checkmybooks, you will want to ensure that they are correct. Simply edit the fields as needed and then click Save.


Specify your accounts production software

Checkmybooks produces a CSV file that you then import into your accounts production software. If you specify the software your firm uses here, we can make sure that the CSV file is in exactly the right format for the easiest import.