Clients and Jobs

The Clients and Jobs page is where you will manage your Clients and the year end Jobs that you do for them. Checkmybooks provides overview statistics for all of your Jobs and the tabbed table allows you to easily see what stage each Job is at.

Managing Clients and Jobs

About the Clients and Jobs page

You can return to the Clients and Jobs page at any time using the main navigation bar.


Checkmybooks gives you a constantly updated overview of your Jobs, including the number of outstanding requests to Clients for data, Jobs you've started work on, ones where you have exported the trial balance to accounts production and Jobs finalised. You can also see the average length of time that your Jobs have been in.

The Clients and Jobs table lists all of your Jobs and the tabs allow you to quickly see what stage each Job has reached.


You can sort the table using any of the columns by clicking on that column. Clicking the same column twice reverses the sort order.

It's easy to find a specific Client or filter for Accounting System or Manager by typing in the search box.


When you find the Job you want to take action on, click on the Job date.