Adding a Client

You can add as many Clients to Checkmybooks as you wish. They only take a minute to setup.

How to add a new Client

Click on the Add Client button from the Clients and Jobs screen.


Enter the information for this Client and select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists. Make sure that you enter the Last Review Date as the last completed accounts: Checkmybooks will then expect to process the accounts for the following year.


In the Contacts tab, you can record contact details for two individuals at this Client: the person who would deal with accounts queries and the person who would deal with uploading the accounting data. These can be the same person and Checkmybooks will use the appropriate email contact details if it sends emails to this Client.

When you are all done just click the Save button or Save and add a job if you want to add the next Job for this Client now.


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