Getting the Client's data - add Xero data

How to add data from the Client's Xero online records into Checkmybooks.

Request that the Client sends their data to Checkmybooks

If you don't have online access to the Client's Xero organisation or you are not sure that the records are ready yet, you can ask your Client to send their data directly into Checkmybooks for you.

To do this, select "I would like to email the Client so they can send the data from Xero" from the options presented during the Add Job process.

If you have previously entered contact details for the person who would deal with uploading the Client's data then their details will be shown. If there are no existing contact details, you can enter them now and they will be saved on the Client record.

When you click Next, Checkmybooks will email the contact asking them to send their Xero data.

Once the data has been received and processed, Checkmybooks will email you to confirm that it is ready for you to review.

Collect the data yourself directly from Xero

If you have online access to the Client's Xero organisation then you can upload the data to Checkmybooks yourself. You will be asked by Xero to authorise the connection to proceed.

To do this, select "I have access to the Client's data" from the options presented during the Add Job process.

When you click Next you will be prompted to login to your Xero account (your Practice login usually).


Once in Xero, you will be asked to authorise the connection. Make sure that the correct Client is selected and then click Authorise.


Following this, you will briefly see a "successful" message and your browser tab will close.

This Job will show in the Received tab of the Clients and Jobs table, with the date link greyed-out until the uploaded data has been processed and is ready for you.


You don't need to wait for this - Checkmybooks will email you when the Job is processed and ready.